Website Usage Checklist

Last Updated: 26 February, 2016

Just like any computer software/application require minimum configuration to run at its best, websites go under same principle. For computing, I have always followed a simple principle "There is no upper limit", which this site don't expect from users of this site to have, but will list down the minimum recommended configuration that will ensure smooth operation across the use of this website.


  • Windows based operating systems supporting latest version browsers, as all training are and will be created on Microsoft Windows Platform
  • 1.6GHz Dual-Core, or 2.4Ghz Single Core (Hyper Threaded) Pentium-4 (or equivalent) will suffice on Windows XP Platform, rest use hardware according to specifications e.g. Windows 7 require more Memory & better CPU to operate smoothly
  • 2GB of RAM (Memory) minimum - The Higher, The Better
  • 1280x800 or Higher Screen Resolution , preferably in 16:9 aspect ratio, This is important as I have designed the site at this resolution for desktops. any low resolution will render the videos un-clear/blurry
  • 2Mbps or Higher Internet Connection
  • Google Chrome™, Microsoft Edge™, Opera™, Internet Explorer® (earlier than version 8 will not play videos) & Firefox™
  • Few Browser Plug-ins (Adobe® Flash® (minimum version 11.2 required),Adobe® Acrobat Reader®, JVM®, Shockwave®, Adobe® AIR®, that I am sure you already have got installed,)

Browser Compatibility:

This site is built primarily for desktop platform therefore following browsers have been tested, Please use/upgrade accordingly as the site has complex JavaScript codes at few places so different browsers handle content differently. Apart, MSE (Media Source Extensions) capable browsers are preferred, as in future browsers that are not capable of handling MSE will have difficulty of playback of Video on this site. Browsers are listed in preference order.

 Browser  Site Rendering   Video Playback   MSE Capability (H.264 & WebM) 
Google Chrome (Latest version)
Microsoft Edge
Internet Explorer (11 or Above) *
Opera (Latest version)
Mozilla Firefox (Latest version) H.264 Only
UC Desktop Browser (Latest version)
Maxthon Cloud Browser (Latest version) WebM Only
Apple Safari (Windows platform)
Internet Explorer (9 or earlier)
Internet Explorer (8 or earlier)

Notes: For further clarifications of the browsers, read below

Google Chrome - Preferred browser, Latest version recommended. No issues experienced or reported.

Microsoft Edge - Preferred browser, No issues experienced or reported.

Microsoft Internet Explorer - At least version 10 or latest recommended, version 9 may work but not gauranteed in terms of site rendering Older versions will not be able to Play the video since integration of new video players. MSE Extensions only work in IE 11 when used in Windows 8.1 or above.

Opera: - Latest Version Recommended, Videos will not play if "TURBO MODE" is enabled.

Mozilla Firefox - Latest version recommended. FireFox still uses flash as Playback for Videos, If using FireFox, make sure minimum flash version required is 11.2, anything prior to that will fail to play the video.

Apple Safari (On Windows Platform) - Will load the site with minor issues, but will not run any videos, therefore not recommended. Haven't tested on Apple Macintosh Platform.

If you are unsure of the browser you are using, click HERE to go to to learn about your browser version and/or download other browsers.