76 - End of Course Remarks

Sage Peachtree Accounting 2009 Training in Urdu / Hindi

With course coming to end, and a hope that you have learned something, if not lot. Please do share this course as I have created this course with intention to teach free. Just viewing content of the course will not make you a perfect user of Peachtree, though most of the things related to application have been discussed, but only way to learn the application fully is by practicing. Use different scenarios of inputting data.

I am not an accountant, or even user of Peachtree, but this course was created for my students so rather than they paying hefty amounts to learn the application, they can learn it at their own convenience and for free, therefore answering questions that you may have will not be possible every time, as you should be considerate enough that this is a free course, but do let them come so if I manage to have a look at them, they may be useful for someone else. Use help files of Peachtree, as I have created a full video on how to use help files so that if you have to learn more, you can always make use of them.

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